Teilo Vellacott



Title: Prevu _ The Campaign

Project : 

An East London love story for Bethnal Green based brand Prevu.

Director: Teilo Vellacott

Co-Director: Murray Hussain

DOP: Jon Molinari

Editor : Teilo Vellacott

VFX : Murray Hussain

Art Director: John Jarrett

Music: Denz

Produced by : Studio 5a 


Title: Truce

Project :

In Havana Cuba, the female soldiers from the FARC have swapped their arms for microphones. They are now fighting for the rights of Colombia's women.

Director : Teilo Vellacott

Co-Director : Pablo Navarrete

Director of Photography : Teilo Vellacott

Editor : Teilo Vellacott

Producers : Alborada Films & Studio 5a


Director / DP / Editor : Teilo Vellacott

Title : Mugaritz

Project : A profile of Adoni Aduriz and his restaurant 'Mugaritz' located in the hills of the Basque Country.

Produced by : Phaidon / Casual Films